Used Vinyl

We buy Vinyl LPs during regular business hours. For selling Vinyl, please call during the weekdays to set up an appointment at the store. 

And, we also make house calls for large Record collections! If you would like us to come out to your house to review your collection, please call the store to discuss setting up an appointment.

We always pay the best prices in town for your used items, please contact us for details!

We are interested in all genres of music except classical, easy listening and showtunes. ?We do not buy 78s, cassette tapes, DVDs, or VHS tapes.

What We Look For

When we purchase items, we check condition and desirability of title.

?Title: Some titles are very common and thus not highly sought after, so the price we can pay is lower. Other titles will always sell or are currently very popular. We will happily pay more for these titles.

Condition: This is extremely important in the value of an item. A“collectible” item will only have significant value if it is in mint or near mint condition. All items must be evaluated in person by us before offer can be made.

What we Pay

Generally, we pay about half to two-thirds of the price we’re going to sell the item for. The more we expect to sell the item for, the higher the price we can offer.

LPs & 45s

We pay anywhere from $0.25 to $10.00 for most LPs. The better the title and the condition, the higher the price.